The Golf Referees Association of Singapore (GRAS) receives regular requests from golf clubs, sports associations, event organisers, and interest groups looking for golf referees or tournament officials to assist with their tournaments or to educate their members on the rules of the game through workshops and seminars.

As the need for experienced and knowledgeable golf referees or tournament officials increases, the GRAS set out to ensure that golf referees or tournament officials who involve themselves at these events display and possess professional working knowledge and sufficient on-course officiating experience.

In addition, the GRAS ensures that every referee or tournament official assigned to take on such tasks is adequately compensated, and hence the GRAS tasked itself in establishing standardised rates for each service rendered by its members.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you or your organisation wish to engage any qualified professional golf referees or tournament officials for your golf events and we will be glad to assist you.