Pathway for Golf Referees

In keeping with our policy to create a developmental pathway for golf referees, the Association have devised well structured programmes for the development of Golf Referees, providing them with the opportunity to continually upskill themselves and hence strive to gain both the practical and theoretical knowledge required to officiate at the highest level.

The Golf Referees’ pathway is a gradual progression that allows them to grow in their expertise. The Association has adopted a 3-step pathway as part of its progression policy for its members:

Level One – Club Referee

  • This is the entry level for all who are interested to become a golf referee.
  • Every candidate must have attended the 1-Day Rules of Golf Workshop (Level 1) conducted by the Association.
  • Candidates must attain a B Grade Pass in order to advance to next level.
  • At the end of the workshop, candidates will sit for the Rules of Golf (Level 1) examination instituted by the Association.
  • Results are graded in the following manner:
  • 90% to 100%: Honours Pass in the Rules of Golf
  • 80% to 89%: A Grade Pass in the Rules of Golf
  • 70% to 79%: B Grade Pass in the Rules of Golf

By achieving a mark of 80% or higher, the candidate becomes a qualified Club Referee and is deemed to have sufficient theoretical knowledge to advance through to the practice training in Level Two.

By achieving a B Grade Pass, the candidate also becomes qualified as a Club Referee, but gains only provisional entry to the practical training in Level Two. They may be accepted into the Level Two training programme but may not receive National Referee status until they successfully achieve a mark of 80% or higher in a subsequent examination.

Level Two – National Referee

  • Every candidate must have achieved the minimum passing grade in Level 1.
  • Candidates must complete the prescribed practical training outlined by the Association in addition to the theoretical knowledge gained in Level One.
  • Candidates must attend the 3-Days Rules of Golf Seminar conducted by the Association and sat for the Rules of Golf examination.
  • Candidates must attain at least a B Grade Pass in order to become a qualified National Referee.
  • To retain the National Referee status, every candidate must satisfy the following requriements:
  • Must attend at least one of the continuing professional education (CPE) programmes organised by the Association once a year;
  • Must attend a refresher course on the Rules of Golf on a biennial basis; and
  • Must officiate at least 2 national amateur or international competitions each year.

Level Three – International Referee
Every candidate must fulfill the following requirements in order to gain or retain International Referee accreditation:

  • Have scored at least 80% or more for the R&A Administrators & Referees School examination; or
  • Have scored at least 85% or more for the 3 1/2-day PGA/USGA workshop; or
  • Have achieved at least 85% or more for the Advanced Rules of Golf workshop conducted by the Professional Tour; or
  • Have attended and scored at least 80% or more for the Rules of Golf (Level 3) Seminar conducted by the Association; and
  • Meet the other requirements as stipulated above under National Referee.